Field Day Saturday January 28th

Updated Thursday January 26, 2017 by Michelle Richardson.

Welcome again to the Spring 2017 season!

If you have not heard from your coach you will be hearing from them soon. 
They will be asking that you consider participating in BAYS Annual Field Day event, this Saturday, Jan 28
th, from 9am – 12pm.  We ask for all able body workers to come out to the fields and assist in preparing them for the start of the spring season.

Keep in mind that the order in which your coach gets to select practice times is mostly based off of their teams participating in Field Day.  Not to mention, all of the work completed on Field Day is for the benefit of the girls and the league. Please plan to attend if possible. 

At Field Day:

Check in at the Concession Stand and you’ll be assigned an area to help work.

Bring work gloves, shovels, rakes, hand tools, etc.  Make sure your belongings are labeled.

Some of the major work items include:

Weeding and edging infields
Dressing the surface of all three fields with conditioner
Turning over and adding dirt to the pitching lanes
Repairing fence line
Spraying for weeds
Cleaning out field boxes
Cleaning out tractor shed
Cleaning out the concession stand
Spreading ant killer
Sorting and labeling equipment for the new season
And other odd jobs that come up during the day

 Make sure to Check OUT at the Concession Stand when you leave.

While Field Day is not mandatory, we do appreciate all of the volunteers that show up to help out.  Many hands make light work.