Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Monday August 10, 2015 by BAYS.

What age divisions are available?
  • 6U - The 6 & Under Division is a mix of Coach pitching with Tee Ball. The Division is open for girls 4 to 6.
  • 8U - The 8 & Under division is a coach pitch game. Midway through the season, there will be one inning of kid pitch in each game per the 10U rules.
  • 10U - The 10 & Under division is played to ASA rules with a live pitcher.
  • 12U - The 12 & Under division is played to ASA rules. The teams in this division play a combination of league games and co-op games with Friendswood and Alvin teams.
  • 14U / 18U - The 14 & Under and 18 & Under groups are combined for the spring season into one division and is played to ASA rules.  The fall season is only 14U.  The teams in this division also play a combination of league games and co-op games with Alvin, Friendswood, La Porte and other area teams.
What type of uniform do we receive?

Spring: 6U will receive jersey, shorts and socks. 8U and up will receive a jersey, pants and socks.

Fall: 6U will receive jersey, shorts and socks. 8U and up will receive a jersey and socks, will wear their black pants from the spring season or any black softball pants.

When will teams be formed?
Teams will be formed shortly after 10U & 12U Evaluations
How will I know what team my daughter is on?
You will be sent an email by the system once your daughter is assigned to a team. The coach should be in contact shortly after.
Can my daughter play with her friend?
6U & 8U we will usually be able to accommodate the request. Please specify when signing up.
10U & 12U players will be drafted by coaches and there is no guarantee of team placement.
When will practices begin?
Official practice start days are different every year. We will try to update the schedule with important dates.
What times are practices held?
Weekday practice time slots are 5:00-6:00pm, 6:00-7:30pm and 7:30-9:00pm. Weekend practice times are available all day. Practice times are scheduled by your coach. Younger age groups will get early times. 10U may get a mix of early and late times. 12U and up will almost always get late times.
Where do the teams practice?
All team practices are likely to be at Bay Area Park or Kipper Mease, unless arrangements are made by your coach to practice elsewhere.
How long are practices?
Practices are generally 1 and ½ hours long.
Where do the teams play their games?

Spring: 6U - 10U games are all played at Bay Area Park. 12U & 14/18U games are co-op and may be played at Bay Area Park, Alvin, Friendswood, or La Porte

Fall: Games are played at either Alvin or Friendswood.

When do the teams play their games?

Spring: 6U - 8U games will play at 6:00pm on any week night. 10U & 14/18U games may be played at either 6:00pm or 7:30pm.

Fall: Doubleheader games are played every other Saturday and may start early morning to mid afternoon.